Work Flow with Clients

Sales did their job. They worked hard to bring in a potential client and now we are at the critical point of finding out their needs and providing a price proposal. This is also where the clients interact with more than one of us at Gizra which is great but also a potential pitfall for misunderstandings. We want to avoid this and hence, the purpose of this section is to clearly outline who is involved and what documents we use at the various stages of our interaction with clients.

Here is the outline:

Stage Owner Documents
1 Discovery meeting(s) Account Manager
2 Price Proposal Account Manager Email template, Price Offer spreadsheet, Proposal document
3 Terms of Work Operations Manager Master Service Agreement, Scope Of Work (Project+Retainer, or Retainer only)
4 Payment Milestones Operations Manager
5 Accounts Receivable Operations Manager Invoice email template, Invoice

Stage 1: Discovery Meeting(s)

At this point, Sales invites the Account Manager to join the meetings. The Account Manager will be the primary contact for the clients in navigating through their project and therefore it makes sense that they join at this early stage. It is also reassuring to the clients to know their main contact before jumping into a project.

Stage 2: Price Proposal

e-mail template that includes two attachments

The Account Manager is responsible for preparing both the Price Offer spreadsheet and the Work Proposal document.

Review process. Once the Price Proposal, including both documents is prepared, it goes to our CEO or CTO for review.

Stage 3: Terms of Work

This is triggered by our clients accepting the proposal. We use two documents for our contract:

Master Service Agreement (MSA) This includes the broad terms of providing our services. This is usually negotiated and signed once within the lifetime of our work with our clients. The default is our agreement template but there are cases that the clients insist on their template.

Scope of Work (SOW) Document There are several versions and new SOWs are signed to reflect any changes or additions in the type of work we provide our clients.

  1. Global/Project SOW
  2. Retainer SOW

This is lead by our Operations Manager with the Account Manager completely in the loop (copied on e-mails, etc).

Stage 4: Payment Milestones

The Account Manager is responsible for updating in Productivity the payment milestones. After that, it becomes the Operations Manager to track completion of milestones by sending an e-mail to the Account Manager that requests confirmation that the scheduled milestone is complete and in the case that it is not, the Account Manager needs to provide a new milestone date.

Stage 5: Account Receivable

Upon confirmation, the Operations Manager requests payment (invoices) accordingly.

Master Documentation Source:

It is really important to use one 'master' source for all of our documentation. This allows us to continue updating one document and ensures we are consistent with all our clients. The index for all master materials is displayed in dapulse under "Materials Index."

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