Thinking of quitting

You have reached the point you are thinking of quitting your job at Gizra. That's fair, we've all been in this situation. In fact, we think we might be able to guide you through this.

First, you'll need to figure out why you have this feeling. It can be the outcome of different good or bad conditions, so lets divide them:

Positive reasons

You got a better offer from another company

Financial improvements are important. If your offer is way above your current salary, then it's definitely worth considering it. If you feel that the existing advantages we provide - the technological challenges, the working environment, the sane working hours - will be provided in the next place, then it sounds like the right thing.

If you'll tell us you want to leave because you got a better offer, know we never provide a counter offer. This is done out of fairness, to avoid the "why didn't they offer me better conditions before? Why did they wait for the last minute" feeling. This is another reason for our management to keep apprised to the industry compensation norms and to ensure our people are compensated fairly.

You want a career change

A career change can actually be an outcome of both positive and negative reasons. You may have had enough of your current profession, or you may just be intrigued by a new field.

Either way, it's worth reaching out and discussing this with us. We might be able to adapt your position to include your new passion.

Negative reasons

You don't get along with another person

As in any social situation, people might not get along. And like any social situation, it's worth raising the point early on.

Admittedly it would be hard to completely avoid each other, nor is this encouraged. We work hard to establish a professional working environment, where being friendly isn't just a bonus.

With that said we can consider shifting people from one team to another.

If the case is not getting along with the owners, then you may be intimidated to discuss it with them directly. First, don't be afraid - they are people too, and it is in their interest as-well to solve the situation. Further more, you are also encouraged to approach HR or another liaison and have them help you with this matter.

Your role is no longer pleasant

Is it because you have been doing it for too long and have just had enough? Sounds fair. Do you have other skills you would like to develop? We might be able to help you shape your new role. Even if we don't have this role currently, don't hesitate to offer it - accompanied with good selling points.

Obviously, if your desire is to be a soccer coach we won't be able to help. But if it's related to our industry, we will work hard with you on finding the balance between the company's needs, and your desires.

You don't feel appreciated

Say something about it, being shy won't help here. You should be acknowledged for your accomplishments. We try to stay fair, by pointing out good work in the same manner we point out bad work. Constant review and feedback is in the core of our culture.

First ask yourself if the outcome of the work you are doing can be easily tracked. Examples can be:

  • As a developer, you comment once an hour on your work in progress pull request, with an update and a screenshot
  • As a sales person, you document in the CRM every call or interaction you had with a lead
  • As an account manager, you document in the CRM the outcome of your weekly call with the client

If there is no such place where the work is documented, and can be easily found, try to find some mechanism to show success/ failure or to remind you to do it. For example:

  • As a developer, use a time tracking app to remind you to update the pull request
  • As a sales person or account manager, record your conversations and upload them to the CRM


The gist of this chapter is to encourage you to communicate your thoughts and feelings, and try to act on them early on.

Often times big problems can be solved with simple solutions. Having another person you trust and that knows the company from within to talk to can be of tremendous help.

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