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Month Report

In this section you can see all your reported hour in a monthly view.

  • The date marked in yellow is the current date. If you want to report hours on a different date, click on the desired date.

  • Move your pointer over the hours amount, stacked in blue, for more details.

  • The first summary row (highlighted in green on the screenshot) represents the summary of the reported hours per day.

  • The second row (highlighted in red on the screenshot) represent the summary of the Timewatch reported hours per day (this is only relevant for Israeli employees as obligated by law).

  • The letters mean: W - weekend, H - holiday, V - vacation, S - sick, M - miluim, E - empty (which mean you didn't report anything yet on that date).

Reporting your working hours

Working hours need to be reported every day! This chapter covers what requires reporting.

Before reporting, always make sure you are on the right date.

All your tracking are shown according to your personal timezone setting. To change your timezone click on the user's timezone link.

It is important to report your hours per issue/PR in github - each in a separate row. This helps us analyze how many hours we spent on a particular issue compared to the timeboxing. We use this information to improve our work and estimations.

To help, the system automatically adds rows for each issue/PR in Github that you participated in. The row provides all the details (Project, Repo, Issue number, PR number, and description). The time is presented as 0.00 and this is where you update the actual time you spent working on that issue/PR.

You should add/delete rows to accurately reflect what you worked on.


Israeli employees must report entry and exit at the beginning and end of each working day. If you need to go out in the middle of the day, you can report exit and then re-entry when you are back to work.

Go to TimeWatch tab.

Reporting attendance hours

Click on Punch Now to report entry. Your report line will appear in the table below. To report exit click again on Punch Now.

Note: if you intend to work on Municipality project, mark the Municipality checkbox before you hit Punch Now button.

Reporting an Absence

If you have any known vacations or absence requests (Miluim / Conventions), please send an event via Calendar to HR (orit@gizra.com)

In the case you are sick, notify HR and your Account Manager in an email.

To report absence, select the relevant from the list and click on Submit. Sick and Vacation can be reported as a full day or half a day.

Monthly project breakdown

In this section you can see the total of your reported hours per project.

Timewatch summary

This section is for Israeli employees only, who report their hours in Timewatch.

Potential - the maximum hours you are suppose to work in a month - based on working days less official holidays

Attendance - hours in the office or remote attendance that are reported in Timewatch.

Absence (Miluim / Vacation / Sick / Conventions) - calculated as 9 hour days with the exception of vacations that can also be reported in half day increments.

Total - summary of attendance + absence hours.

Time off - the gap between the potential and the total hours.

Out of X Hours, you reported Y Hours, which is Z% -

X - the reported hours in Timewatch (attendance)

Y - the reported hours in Productivity (work)

Z - This percentage reflects your productivity (optimal is 94%, which is 8.5 hours of reported work out of 9 hours of attendance)

Extra time (overtime)

No overtime allowed! Please check your hours from time to time to see that you are not exceeding the potential hours. If you see you are about to exceed please contact HR to resolve this issue.

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