Reporting in Productivity

Correct reporting is a crucial part in a project’s life. We use the reporting for 2 main reasons:

  1. Project Reporting. Especially for time and material contracts, at any given moment, clients ask for their project’s
    work report. This helps them track their budget. It is crucial that hours are reported on a daily basis - hence, you
    receive a daily reminder to log in your hours from Productivity.

  2. Internal. Productivity is an important tool to track the progress and status of our projects. It also functions as a
    mechanism for improvement by raising flags to areas that require further analysis. For example, did we assign the right
    timebox for an issue. We need real numbers to help us as a company do our best. It's not about nit picking with

Reporting Options

  • Development
Type Activity
Development Issue: Planning, Tests, Code review, Review fixes, Chats with TL/AM about issue, Documentation (update Readme or Wiki)
Deploy Deployment
Installation Project Installation - project and per developer
Management Project Meetings and Issue Gardening (TL only)
Gizra Non-project related IT issues and Non-project related IT meetings
Support Support
  • QA - All activities by the QA team.
  • Management - All activities by Account Managers.
  • Support - This is a very specific activity and the people assigned to this will know that they are working under the “support” function.
  • Training - All activities by Trainer

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