Preparation for new employee

Pre-arrival of the employee


  1. Buy computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  2. Prepare place in the office
  3. Create email account
  4. Add to relevant mailing list (e.g.


  1. PHPstrom license

Employee's first day

Employee responsibility

  1. Create GitHub account. Make sure the pick a good name, as this is the name that will follow you from now until the end of times
  2. Create Drupal account
  3. (optional) Create twitter account
  4. Fill out Form 101 (For Israeli employees only)
  5. Go over ISO document

HR responsibility

  1. Confirm contract is signed
  2. Open account on Productivity, and time watch
  3. Scan ID
  4. Add bank account
  5. Setup meeting with insurance agent for people with existing policies and fill out "Mislaka Pensionit", or setup a reminder in calendar for 6 month
  6. Register user in ISO document

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