Phone Call

Hi, I am [name], [role] at Gizra. I sent you an e-mail. I am not sure you had the chance to read it. We are a company that develops for Harvard, UN and implements web systems for companies. Do you have time? I read about your company and looked over your website. Even if you do not have a project at the moment, I called to see if we can meet to present to you Gizra and to hear about the type of projects you do.

Known reactions

No IT project at the moment.

[Prominent Clients pitch] It is our technical expertise along with how we approach IT projects. [Gizra Way pitch]

We already have a company we work with.

Great! If you have something outside of your usual scope in the lines of [Good At]. Lets meet to hear how we do projects with [Prominent Clients], worse comes to worse, you will get some great tips to use with your current developer.

You are too big for us.

True that we work with [Prominent Clients] but we also love taking on interesting projects that usually run around the 3 month length that fit into our [Good At] scope. If your scope is only a corporate website, then correct, it's not for us. We understand the market and that we are not the cheapest.

Used Drupal in the past. Bad experience.

Don't blame you. There are many companies that support Drupal sites. We have found that the issue is not the tool but rather the service provider. We would of course check to see if you actually need Drupal. [Drupal].

What exactly do you do?

Build web systems. We only do corporate websites as part of a larger scope. [Good At].

Do you have eCommerce experience?

Yes. Not the thing we put the most focus on but have great expertise in. Commerce Guys, who wrote the commerce module for Drupal hired us in this task. The UN asked us to lead the development project of a financial system that manages millions of dollars in UN projects. Our [Good At], specifically complex systems has put us at the forefront in eCommerce as well.

How did your "big clients" get to you?

Happy you asked that question because I love answering it. We are that good. [Drupal] Harvard has a web builder system (something like Wixs) based on Drupal and asked us to consult for 10 hours. 3.5 years later, we have full time employees dedicated solely to Harvard. The EU, UN, Grammy and IBLI all started the same way. They required our technical expertise and in the end hired us for our different way of managing projects.

No time

I see that [suggest something about their website/industry]. When is a good time to call to discuss [offer a concrete time]?

Not Interested

Is there someone else in your company I should discuss [Gizra Way] or would like to hear how we [Prominent Clients].

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