Our Brand

How we take what is on the inside and present it outwards.

The Gizra Way

The Gizra story is about a way, an outlook, a philosophy that navigates all the internal and external aspects of a web development company. It is knowing and acting on the understanding that we can do better.

It is summed up nicely under four sections of The Gizra Way. Let’s look at them:


Everything is out in the open, warts and all. This may be new to you and may take some adjustment. We set the tone as early as our price estimations by basing them on a detailed breakdown of project tasks with an attached cost. This extends into our projects where our clients have full access to GitHub. They see everything - including our internal communications. Even this book is public.

Open Communication

We work hard to create a common language with our clients and to set expectations early on, and this applies internally as well.

High Standards

This is our core. We work at keeping high standards and it pays off because we have become experts that clients turn to. This is reflected in all aspects, from development to account managers and even the way we conduct our sales process.

Our Purpose

A general problem our industry faces is the high failure rate of web projects. This is due to numerous reasons such as bad project management or low quality code. The projects usually do not meet any of the three criteria of success: being on time, in budget, with happy clients/users.

So, if we intersect the Gizra Way with what is going on outside, our purpose becomes clear:

For Gizra, the world will be a better place if more web projects realize that there is a better way.

Our Position

Our position is revisited every few months to make sure we are focusing on the right potential client groups - that we find the clients that fit. Our purpose probably strikes a chord with anyone who has implemented an IT project of any kind. We want to reach the clients that can appreciate that there needs to be a better way.

Hence, we believe our message best reaches seasoned executive who have seen enough web projects to get burned. They may have already resigned to the idea that this is how projects are run but know deep down that there has to be another way. Our target clients are medium to large organizations but really it's about any place a brave decision maker can successfully influence their organization to adopt a new, simple, and sometimes radical, way of doing things.

For medium to large organizations
Who have settled for mediocrity
Gizra is a web solution provider
That understands their client's needs and grows the project with them
Unlike most web development companies

Gizra’s budget driven approach with deep technical expertise results in better executed projects.

Our Personality

Our unusual About Story should get the point across pretty well.

Our Core Strengths

We excel at the two edges of the spectrum of web development projects:

Complex Content Management Systems

Gizra was born from here. We joined the Drupal community pretty early on and had the privilege to pioneer many of the Drupal modules that serve complex client challenges.

Lean Demonstration of a Product Idea

This can be a prototype, a Minimal Viable Product, or Proof of Concept. The challenge here is how to make the most of a limited budget and short iteration. Our budget driven approach gives us a great advantage here since we know how to define the project well and time-box it both on a project wide level (3-4 months, 1-3 developers) and at the individual task level.

In fact, the truth is that we approach complex system in the same manner we approach a lean project. Small, iterative steps. So, in a way, the scale of the project hardly matters - it's the mind set we are coming with.

Our Tools

Drupal is not the only open source tool in our toolbox. We are also creative users of and active participants in the communities for projects such as NodeJs, AngularJS, Jekyll, and Elm. We tend to sit at the bleeding-edge of web technologies because that is where all the fun is. We are always looking out for better ways to do things.

Source: "Three Moves Every Startup Founder Must Make to Build a Brand That Matters"

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