On Boarding

Hi there newbie, welcome to Gizra! Hate the word newbie?
Meh, don't feel bad about it. We were all once newbies, and part of "The Gizra Way" is always exploring new places where we are still newbies. In other words, we know how you feel.

In this coming week you will get a bunch of different tasks to complete. Here are some of the guidelines behind the tasks:

  • We want to get your comfortable with "The Gizra Way". Even if you still don't fully get what it is, you are in fact already experiencing it.
  • We want you outside your comfort zone. You will be challenged with tasks you may not be sure how to solve in the given time-box. It will force you to reach out and learn when, who and how to ask questions.
  • We want to give you an overall feeling of the many different elements that comprise a project. We will not delve deep due to time constraints, and because we think that the first steps should be to give you a broad view of our operation rather than detailed.

Confusion & Leap of Faith

Experience shows that you already are or very soon will be confused. A lot of the material may be new to you, and even if you are a seasoned developer and have years of Drupal experience you still may not know some of the stuff. It's OK, we know that. In fact, we sometimes do things differently from what is perceived as "the right way", simply because we have a different set of beliefs on what "right" is.

Have faith in us, we have lots of experience with on boarding both complete newbies, as well as experienced people. We promise you will have time to dive deep into all those subjects we cover quickly.

Take Breaks

Don't get confused by our time boxing system. If you have a task at 12:30 and it was time-boxed for two hours, it doesn't mean you need to work until 14:30. No, go have your lunch or a break - as you would normally do.

Then, when you come back, start measuring the time. You are in charge of managing your own time. The time-boxing is just a mechanism to set the expectations and put boundaries on the task.

Furthermore, don't feel obliged to come first into the office, or leave last. As part of the Gizra Way we recognize that a productive day is an 8-9 hour work day. You are already under a lot of pressure, as you have so many new stuff to learn. Be kind to yourself, to your brain, and to Gizra - and don't overdo it. There's always tomorrow to learn new skills and improve.

What's Next

When your first week finishes you will still have much more to learn. However, you will have gotten a taste of how projects are done in Gizra.

You will have experienced it firsthand that we are not afraid of throwing you into the deep water, and that we do still keep an eye out on you. In fact, you may have occasionally drowned. There's a value to that too, as we hope it encourages you to reach out for help (if you didn't or we missed it, please let us know - as we want to improve our process).

Your training is not yet complete. It's just moving to the next phase working on an existing project.

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