GitBook & GitHub Workflow

The following chapter assumes you are working with GitBook UI. As a developer you may feel comfortable working with your text editor and command line. Both ways are fine, as long as the end results will be a GitHub pull request.

GitBook's repository is automatically synced to GitHub, so you may make changes on either of them, and it is guaranteed to be reflected in the other.

As a privileged user, start by editing the book

Create a new branch that will work as a side branch that will not immediately be reflected in the official book. This allows you to go wild with your edits, without the fear of breaking the live site.

GitBook shows you which branch you are currently editing. It is also reflected in the URL. For example, the URL for the who-we-are branch would be

You are now on the new branch. You can go ahead and create new articles, update existing ones, or delete. Be Bold.

On GitHub, open a Pull Request, which will make your work visible to other, and allow an easier review.

Once the review is done, and all comments have been addressed, the PR may be merged into the master branch which will automatically update the official book. It may take a minute or two for the site to show the new content.

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